About the Competition

Promoting new compositions
in Canada, utilizing Canadian texts, and
giving composers opportunities to have their music
performed, recorded, and published.

Submission deadline
Canada Day 2008! (July 1)

Using a Canadian text, either original or pre-existing, possible themes could be Remembrance,
Last Night of the Proms, Black History Month, Robbie Burns, or other.   

Short listed compositions will be performed during our regular season if they fit into the themes of the Remembrance Day
Concert (Nov 2008), Last Night of the Proms 2008) Robbie Burns Concert (2009), Black History Month Concert (Feb 2009),
or our Spring Concert (May 2009), with the winner to be

performed at the Spring Concert.
Harmonia Choir of Ottawa encourages the composer's attendance.

There are no restrictions according to race, sex, age or residency. The text may be in any language. Composers may submit more than one piece

For information sheet, including rules and criteria, you may download this MSWord file INFO

In addition, here is a pdf of our brochure for the competition
including the a submission form Page1  

Harmonia Choir Canadian Choral Composition Competition, PO Box 96, Cumberland, ON K4C 1E5
email to cccc(a)    Fax: (613) 833-1994